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Sara McGuyer
August 17, 2016
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Plank Master

August 17, 2016

What do you do when energy dips? We're all about taking a break for movement, and one of our favorites is a plank challenge. This time we upped our game a little. Instead of just going for a minute as we often do, we tried "Bring Sally up, bring Sally down," a challenge I learned from a trainer at the JCC.

Here's how it works:

  1. Be on stand by to get in standard plank position.
  2. Blare Moby's song Flower:

  3. When the lyrics say "Bring Sally up," get in standard plank.
  4. When the lyrics say "Bring Sally down," move to forearm plank.
  5. Follow the command of the lyrics. Up, down, up, down – without resting or getting out of plank.

The song is more than three minutes long. We made it a contest to see who could last longest. To my surprise, 4 SmallBoxers were tough enough to make it the whole song for a 4-way tie. For the victorious few, all they got was this "major award" – a sticky note doodle to commemorate their bragging rights. Mo, Nick, Colin and Sam all made it for the whole song. No easy task!

Major awards - Plank master doodles