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January 29, 2013
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MFT at Factory Week

January 29, 2013

(Rob Peoni is the new Musical Family Tree intern, and he'll be checking in during his first Factory Week experience.)

Musical Family Tree tends to take a back seat to the various Small Box projects that serve as the central focus of Factory Week. Jon and I will spend the bulk of the week digging through the Small Box blog archive to prep the content for transfer to our new website. As a result, I spent a bit of time writing for MFT over the weekend in anticipation of the coming time crunch.


Today's post covered the recent addition of Bloomington surf rock trio Triptides to the MFT Archive. The band was kind enough to allow MFT to stream 4 of its releases. The slice of summer is a welcome respite during Indy's chilly winter months. MFT readers should also scope our post (http://www.musicalfamilytree.net/profiles/blogs/indy-concert-preview-1-28-2-1) previewing a trio of worthwhile Indianapolis concerts this week. All three shows will feature some MFT favorites.

Check out the MFT feature: http://www.musicalfamilytree.net/profiles/blogs/new-music-triptides
And listen to Triptides: http://www.musicalfamilytree.com/band/triptides