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Jenny Anderson
August 18, 2014
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It's Tool Time!

August 18, 2014

Like most creative agencies, we use a ton of tools to help us ideate, research, create, and manage. Some of us even use different tools to accomplish the same task! The goal of the Tool Team's project is to make sure that these tools are efficient, scalable and cost-friendly.

In preparation for this project we surveyed the team to find out which tools they are currently using from web software to computer software and templates – we covered a wide range! Here is a snapshot of those that were most frequently mentioned:

Word cloud of our tools.


Interested in doing your own inventory? Here are the steps we are taking to complete ours:

  1. Define functions & needs (what do we need tools for?)
  2. Compare existing tools (what are we currently using to fulfill those needs?)
  3. Audit (where are there overlaps, what are the costs?)
  4. Research (are there other tools out there?)
  5. Recommend preferred tool set (present recommendations to larger team)
  6. Set timeline for adoption: who, budget, implementation ownership (how will the recommendations be implemented?)


Now, I have one more question: Does anybody know what time it is?