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Sara McGuyer
March 01, 2016
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In Others' Hands

March 01, 2016

We more often play the part of facilitator, but for this Factory Week, we hired Cooper to take the reigns. Today was day one of three days of learning. How nice is it to be in others' hands? Let me count the ways!

  1. We just get to show up. When it comes to designing custom training sessions or Factory Days for our clients, we're used to thinking through every detail. The what if... The how's this going to work? From creating collaborative exercises to shopping for supplies. To have a week where we don't have to plan or think, but just show up and be a participant is really refreshing.
  2. We get outside perspective. We see first hand how much our clients value when we bring fresh eyes to their processes or problems. We need this for us too.  
  3. We learn from an innovator in the field. Some of the methods we practiced today were things we currently do. It's affirming to us in some ways, but we learned wonderful nuances and new things too. It's inspiring to expand our toolkit and learn from the great minds at Cooper
  4. We get a shared experience. Though we're learning and trying new methods as we go, we don't often get to learn the same things at the same time as a team. Exploring and growing together helps everything sink in and makes it easier to take things back into the day-to-day to improve our own processes.  

 Session with Cooper

Two more days of soaking up this goodness! Then we have Friday to reflect and play.