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Sara McGuyer
February 02, 2015
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Collab Deck

February 02, 2015

notes from the Collab Deck project

Collaboration is one of our core values at SmallBox, and we feel it's important to bring this to life beyond our own team. We've been inventing and playing with different exercises and ways to facilitate collaborative client sessions for the past couple of years. Lydia, Sarah, Abby and I are tackling a very fun project this Factory Week—documenting all of those good experiences!

Our vision is to create an instructional how-to of our current collaborative exercises. Instuctional was a word that was really important to us as we discussed this. The end goal? Any team member will be able to read this guide and know how to conduct an exercise. We're going to keep a brand new SmallBoxer in mind as we prep this. Would a new hire be able to jump in quickly and help create great client experiences without the benefit of years of working with us?

Here's our scope for the week:

  • review inspirational work - Monday
  • define vision for the project during Factory Week - Monday
  • revisit exercise list - Monday
  • write instructions for six exercises - finished by Wednesday morning
  • collaborative sketch session for template - Wednesday morning
  • make wireframe-y prototype for testing - Wednesday afternoon
  • test with team members - Wednesday afternoon
  • make InDesign template for booklet/cards - Thursday morning
  • team huddle / refining - Thurs afternoon

Wish us luck!