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June 28, 2012
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Wrangle Deck

June 28, 2012

SmallBox began sketching and wireframing Wrangle, our content gathering tool, during our first Factory Week. We're still adding features and testing it before it's ready for a full launch into the world. We are almost ready to bring a few investors on board to support the continued development and launch. To that end, Leigh is creating a slide deck to use in pitches.

Lydia jumped in to help out with a little feedback:

One byproduct of Factory Week is that collaboration is kicked up a notch (or ten). When we're back in the office, we're more likely to fully complete a draft, then ask other members from the team to proof and give feedback. Since we're all sitting around one table during Factory Week, we're more likely to ask each other for help while things are in progress. As Leigh has been working, she's asked for some on the fly wordsmithing. This level of collaboration is one of my favorite aspects of Factory Week, and I always walk away excited to infuse our normal work with this energy.