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Lydia Whitehead
August 01, 2013
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August 01, 2013

Part of the fun of Factory Week is getting out of our daily work routine and trying on new ways of working — maybe working with different SmallBoxers or taking a different approach to an old problem or even changing our work surroundings. We used to put ourselves in an entirely new environment for the whole week (the last few Factory Weeks have been at The Speak Easy, for example), but this time we thought we'd change it up and stay in the office, albeit in new areas of said office. Each day we begin together in the space Jeb calls the "Lower Collaboratorium", and for much of the day it tends to retain a lot of us, working, talking, laughing, and sharing cat videos (or similar) together:

Many of us have taken to the conference room spaces and avoid working at our own desks at all costs.

My favorite workspace is the courtyard office:

And some of us sometimes wander back to those spaces most familiar and comfy to us: