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January 28, 2013
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Who Said It Would Be Easy?

January 28, 2013

Day one of Factory Week at the Speak Easy is now complete, and while SmallBoxers begin to put away the styluses, roll up the charging cords, and flip up the hoods on their snazzy new t-shirts, the ideas just keep on rolling.

Today in the Speak Easy, teams collaborated and developed SmallBox projects, taking time laugh, innovate, and cheer for forward progress. Throughout the day, Mayowa crafted photographs of the group, team members had the pleasure of conducting interviews (no pressure!), the design team worked steadfastly on new layouts, development ensued, and further community involvement was planned.

Working upstairs at the Speak Easy provided a great environment for SmallBox collaboration. Fresh environment, fresh ideas. Higher altitude, higher thinking. Creative space, creative eyes. Overall, the Speak Easy is a stimulating space that will be utilized to invigorate and challenge the eager SmallBox team tomorrow and throughout the rest of the week.

Day one? Check.

Day two? Bring it on.