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Jenny Anderson
February 04, 2015
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What's in a Rallying Cry?

February 04, 2015

You may have heard us talk about Patrick Lencioni in other blog posts as several of us boxers have read his book, The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business. A few years ago, the book inspired something that has now become an annual tradition.

It started with a strategic conversation that posed questions like: what do we need to focus on? What will improve our work and push our team in a productive, collaborative way?

In asking those questions and brainstorming the answers, we looked toward Lencioni for guidance on how to build solidarity in our efforts. We needed something to champion, to gather around and to provide us with focus. What we ended up with was a rallying cry to “Make every page count.”

That rallying cry served us well for about a year. We regularly asked ourselves, are we making every page count here? We even made signs and put them up around the office. But like all good things, it couldn’t last forever. So, during Factory Week VI, we re-evaluated it through several sessions that involved assessing our values, strategic plan and even daily processes. We realized that everything we wanted to accomplish would require time – to collaborate, explore, make mistakes, learn and improve. So for 2014 – we rallied around “Create space.”

Today’s lunch topic centered on our rallying cry for 2015. In the process of narrowing down our list, we found ourselves asking - what makes a good rallying cry?

Should it be concrete and actionable or a little vague so its flexibility might allow for personal interpretations? Should it focus on one area where we want to see major improvement, or should it be applicable to several areas of our work and our business? Maybe it needs to be all of the things?

What we did agree on is that it should provide enough clarity for someone to answer: Am I doing this right now? Am I creating space? Am I making every page count?

So which one did we land on? Well, continuing on with our current cry - we gave ourselves space to think on it for a night so stay tuned to find out!