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Sara McGuyer
February 04, 2015
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Why we take walk breaks...

February 04, 2015

In the frenzy and crunch that is Factory Week (or, life as usual at a creative agency), it's all too easy to forget to take a break. We're huge fans of walking or standing meetings, walk breaks, plank breaks, dance interludes... anything to get the body moving. We have more than our fair share of screen time and sitting, so these breaks are pretty crucial.

They're pretty fun too. We determined during this walk that Drew is so skilled with puns, he should run a Punzi Scheme (we're not sure what that is yet, but you're invited). We shared mind games we play when we go on long runs. And we created funny Boxee awards (the real ones are awarded annually at the end of Winter Factory Week, and our based on our core values and 'Boxer of the Year). Good times.

And now... back to the screen...