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Kasey Bradley
August 14, 2015
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U Can't Touch This

August 14, 2015

The internet is just as bad as they say. It's a wild wasteland filled with ne'er-do-wells, charlatans, scalawags, rogues, and rakes of each and every stripe. How is a person supposed to get anything done in an environment so rife with danger? How is a business supposed to operate in this climate? 

Well I've got bad news buddies - your information has probably already been compromised.

With the exception of the corporate-level hacks that have been making the news for the last year this is mostly our fault - mine, yours, and every human being with access to a keyboard. People are people; we're lazy, unwilling to put up with an inconvenience of any type, used to our routines, etc. We use the same passwords (including SUPER-SECURE gems like "password1") for our work email as we use for our personal bank accounts, we scribble them down on Post-Its and leave them for all of the world to see. We make it easy on ourselves when we really need guard dog standing between us and the wide-wide world of wrongdoers...

...because the easier it is for us, the easier it is for everyone else.

While using tools like LastPass is one part of the solution, fixing this problem takes way more than technology - it takes a cultural shift. During this week I have seen some folks telegraph displeasure at the new procedures SmallBox is taking in regards to security, but that's a good thing. Security is not supposed to be easy - it's supposed to be hard.

I would like to invite all readers to button it up in 2015. Watch a couple of episodes of Mr. Robot and make this the year that you get serious about the web. Then memorize the following song and sing it to every tech-savvy person you know:

Be secure. Don't let them touch this.