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Sara McGuyer
February 05, 2015
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They can't all be winners...

February 05, 2015

Not every idea is a keeper. Sometimes you just need to move on. One reason I love the speed of Factory Week—it is easier to give up on ideas that aren't moving toward something.

I love ideas. In Myers-Briggs, I'm about as P as you can get, which means I love staying in exploration. The practices we've honed (time blocking, quick and dirty paper wireframes) during Factory Weeks and other sprints help me snap out of that la-la land of daydreaming and brainstorming to something more focused. To moving quickly, to being open to evolution, and also to let go.

At Midwest UX late in 2014, I saw a Simon King from IDEO talking about their platform noam. One of the key points was to have:

strong ideas, loosely held.

I can't think of better adivce to apply to Factory Week, or working in any type of sprint.