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Sarah Herbert
August 22, 2014
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The SmallBox Playbook

August 22, 2014

As the end of factory week nears, the SmallBox Playbook continues to take form (thanks to the MANY 'Boxers involved in this process). Jeb, Elizabeth, and Sara have been engrossed in a flurry of writing, rewriting, and polishing content. Kasey and Sara have been curating and collecting photography. Lydia has been dutifully sketching page layouts and searching for content delighters. All the while, Neil and Nick have been providing design feedback as I pick their creative brains.

So where are designs now? First let me show you how we started (sketching!):

And this is where design currently stands:

Designing a print piece is a long (and VERY rewarding) process! We've got a good start, now it's time to finalize some layouts, add design delights, create some mockups, and prep the files for some professional printing!