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Sara McGuyer
January 27, 2014
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The Scene

January 27, 2014

While we usually go off site, last Factory Week we experimented with being in our own space. We had just moved to our new building, and it was exciting to be there and to begin making ourselves at home. We knew, however, that we'd settle into our typical working patterns if we stayed at HQ again. It's just too easy to work at your own desk when it's available.

Jeb went to an event at Laurel Hall and knew it was Factory Week location material. A few of us visited, and we were sold. It feels like you've walked onto the set of Downton Abbey. In fact, we all think we need smoking jackets. What was once a home to a wealthy family, Laurel Hall has been repurposed over time to serve as a school for girls, a government think-tank, and now, offices and meeting space for a fraternity.

Pictured below: (1) a chandelier in the dining room, (2) Jenny Banner visits with us in the Solarium, (3) we scoped out the third floor Ball Room for potential hoe downs, dance-offs or planking challenges to occur at a later time.

Chandelier at Laurel Hall

Solarium at Laurel Hall

Ball Room at Laurel Hall