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July 31, 2013
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The Infographic Less Travelled

July 31, 2013

Infographics that are full of great numbers, crunchy data, and vectorized images–even with all these great assets, still require heavy design-work and a certain inspirado in order to come into being.

One of our FW projects is to create some infographics around SmallBox initiatives, such as Culture Powered Marketing. The tricky bit is that this infographic isn’t all about numbers or data–it’s about people, purpose, and passion.

We’re in the midst of the process right now–but here’s how it’s gone so far.


We outlined our topic, including main ideas & areas of content to cover, and audiences we are seeking to inform.


Next, we interviewed SmallBox stakeholders in these concepts, asking high-level questions that we could draw on to write the content.


A story in text can tend to become abstract–so following the bulk writing, we storyboarded out the flow of the infographic, dumping the chaff while allowing the most important concepts to float the top.

Gray-day storyboardin’.

Next up...preliminary design and QA!