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Teresa Tatum
March 20, 2017
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The Game Plan

March 20, 2017

Helloooooo, SmallBox audiences! It's my first week—day—back from maternity leave and what a time to be back!

As Mark blogged earlier, we're changing things up this Factory Week by doing a little thing we've dubbed #SprintForGood with Exodus. Think of it as a mash-up of our hiatused 24 Hour Web Project and our normal Factory Week. 

So, what all are we doing with the Exodus crew this week? Some things we plan to tackle are…

  • Comprehensi-fying their brand guidelines. They’ve got the essentials, but we’ll be helping Exodus shape their voice and messaging guidelines.
  • Updating https://www.exodusrefugee.org. The team is reworking the sitemap and updating the design.
  • Beefing up collateral. Former SmallBoxers Nick and Neil will be joining us to finesse stationary and to create a new email template, while Sarah will crank on site design.
  • Setting up a Google Grant. Free money from Google to spread the Exodus word?! Yes, please!
  • Upping the donor experience. We want to help make the donation process easy peasy for new and returning donors!
  • Telling stories. We’ll be working with a photographer and videographer to tell the stories of some of Exodus’ families. (Thank you to Andy Young of Granola Video & Kelley Jordan Photography for volunteering their services!)
  • Competing in Brackets for Good. Exodus is competing head-to-head with the Humane Society Hamilton County. Help us get Exodus to the Philanthropic Four!