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Kasey Bradley
February 04, 2015
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The Domain Thing To Keep In Mind

February 04, 2015

Despite being the world's largest technology company AND touting a motto as strong as "Don't be evil," Google can really make things difficult on their customers. This shouldn't come as a surprise - who wants to take on the overhead that comes with hiring even semi-decent customer service pros when nearly all of their products are free? This company already has controversial private bus lines, mothballed barge-based technology showrooms, and endeavors in the headgear 2.0 space to pay for. Google isn't made of money guys.

You're on your own out there. It's a scary world and Google is not interested in helping you get out of the woods. Google is busy playing with Google's toys. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and leave Google alone. Just Google it.

I learned this lesson on Monday when I began looking into options for updating SmallBox's email. We use Google Apps for Business, and about six months ago we finally purchased the smallbox.com domain from a private owner - we've got the site updated, but now we need to tackle email addresses. This part is simple enough - you just create the new accounts, update your MX records, and migrate the email. No problem. Google has documented a lot of their migration information pretty thoroughly already, so I'll leave it to them.


When a company relies on things like Google Docs as much as SmallBox does, you end up with a LOT of data - years worth - that you don't want to lose. Burning the house down and setting up shop someplace else isn't an option, and Google doesn't really provide any method for moving huge amounts of data easily.

Luckily, after some data liberation research, I found out about Google Takeout. This feature allows you to download all of your individual data, which can then be uploaded to another service - or a new Google account. I'm curious to see if any of our friends have checked this out because I'm still in the process of going through my personal archive and have yet to find if anything's missing. If you've seen success in using this program, let us know in the comments. Your data will thank you.