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Jeb Banner
February 06, 2015
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Analog Serendipity at the Speak Easy

February 06, 2015

It’s been a couple years since SmallBox last had a Factory Week at the Speak Easy. Although I’m here often for meetings I haven’t really “hung out” at the Speak Easy as much as I would like. This week has felt to me a little bit like a homecoming.

The things that make the Speak Easy special have only strengthened in recent years. It’s all about the people. The quality of the folks in this space are what make it a truly great place. Throughout the week I’ve run into numerous friends and associates that I normally would need to schedule a meeting to catch up with. It’s all the micro interactions that really add up into an amazing experience.

Here’s an example. I ran into one friend that is working on a product for an industry that another friend is in, that friend happened to come by for a meeting and then I made a quick intro which has lead to them exploring ways to work together. This happens almost daily. Every active Speak Easy member has these stories.

As much as we love our digital experiences there is no substitute for analog serendipity. The Speak Easy culture invites and encourages this serendipity. It’s a beautiful thing.