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Elizabeth Heil
July 31, 2013
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Talking Sales and Marketing with Pack Printing

July 31, 2013

One of the many qualities I respect and appreciate about our CEO, Jeb, is his willingness to pay it forward - to come alongside new business owners and share his wisdom, answer questions and generally just encourage that entrepreneurial spirit. I admire the value he places on mentoring and know that he has been a huge help and support to many business owners here in Indy.

Yesterday I had the privilege of working with one of the business owners he has been meeting with - Kelly Jones from Pack Printing - to facilitate a sales and marketing brainstorming session. Before we jumped in to tactics and solutions, I wanted to first get a better understanding of the specific challenges Kelly is dealing with related to sales and marketing. Getting clarity around the problems helped me know where to focus our conversation and made sure that she would walk away with relevant ideas.

Elizabeth white-boarding with Pack Printing.
A little whiteboarding to kick off the brainstorm session (the BrainTwins also sat in).

The pain points we outlined were lead generation, too much lag time following the delivery of a quote, and being able to clearly communicate her value proposition.  We first focused on lead generation and started with Kelly describing some character traits of her ideal client so we had a good understanding of the types of leads she was looking for. We then talked about 2 often overlooked lead sources: current clients and referral partners. We outlined a few tactics for proactively approaching current clients for referrals and identifying potential referral partners.

We then discussed specific tactics to use in the follow up process. Instead of emailing over a quote and just waiting on the prospect to respond, we outlined a more proactive approach to keep the process moving forward.

Finally, I had Kelly and her graphic designer, Steve, tell me about what makes Pack Printing special & unique, better than their competition. It was really fun to hear the passion behind their answers. They are truly committed to creating a unique and valuable experience for their clients.

Pack Printing & Abby.
The folks of Pack Printing with Abby, SmallBox office manager.


All in all, it was a great session and Kelly now has some solid tactics for generating more leads and sharing her value proposition. I'm excited to watch Pack Printing grow- only great things ahead for them!