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Teresa Tatum
February 03, 2015
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Renovation Realities

February 03, 2015

Full disclosure: The only reason I chose this project as one of my Factory Week focuses was so that I could spend hours scrolling through Pinterest:

Pinterest is the best.

....just kidding! 

We moved into our new (does it still count as new?) space almost two years ago. If you're an old friend of the 'Box you know that we spent many years above Qdoba and Greek's, relishing in a scent-mixture of Mexican and Italian foods. These days, we're treated to the olfactory pleasures (sometimes funkiness :)) of simple old library. 

Anyway, our new(er) office offers lots of charm and character—but it also presents a lot of not-so-pleasant things that go along with owning an old library! Icky carpet, tons of dusty shelves, sort of awkward desk set-up for your average agency. So, to get to the point, Abby, Jenny, Nick, Neil and I got together to form the "office reno plan" group. 

Where Do We Even Start?! 

We started by listing out our main spaces and areas of "concern", and brainstorming a theme word for and the ideal functions of each space. I made a collaborative Pinterest board for each space, so that each team member could add their own pins, vision and inspiration.

Making Moves

Our next step is to present some of this visioning to the larger team, and hopefully get their buy-in and support (in patience and SmallBox finances, especially!). We think the work we've done so far will help our potential partner help us form a scope and plan for our revamped space. 

If you have any recommendations or office architects/designers you've loved working with, let us know!