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Sara McGuyer
July 10, 2015
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Project Picking

July 10, 2015

Coming up with ideas for Factory Week projects is a piece of cake. Narrowing them down? That's another matter!

SmallBoxers voting on projects for Factory Week

We've conducted our initial rounds of project ideation, and we have it narrowed to 5 different zones:

  1. Discovery - We're planning to run our own process on ourselves! It's time to start thinking about our next website... and this will be the first step in that process.
  2. Our space - We're hiring Doris to help us get started on building renovations. This is it's own kind of discovery!
  3. Technology - We want to decide which of our custom tools to iterate on, if there's anything to sunset and to define our vision for how we'll use technology in the future.
  4. Client experience - We need to update some of our collateral and audit our experience.
  5. The future - It wouldn't be a Factory Week without thinking about the future. We have a few contenders here, but we're likely to revisit and refine our strategic plan and to think about next steps for a new service we're developing.

We're still mulling these over – some things may be cut, some added. We'll be refining the list and choosing specific projects in the next few weeks!