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Dan Fahrner
February 03, 2015
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Process-izing Scoping

February 03, 2015

Scoping Process

There are so many angles to upping our game in play this week: peer reviews, design updates, sales collateral... but the first project to find its way to completion is developing strategy and mapping a new process.

What's the Scope?

This particular process is meant to help elevate the way our team scopes projects for proposals. As our business has evolved, we have realized a need for more feedback and team collaboration in our proposals to make sure we develop the right solution for each client within a budget that allows for profitability.

At its most basic level, this process is designed to set the team and our clients up for success so every project is mutually beneficial. Sounds simple and rudimentary, but scoping custom, strategic work centered around new technology means that scope can evolve very quickly. Our process should now be more flexible and allow us to live into our core value of collaboration before a project even kicks off!