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Sara McGuyer
August 21, 2014
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Out of My Element

August 21, 2014

Today, for our employee experience hub, I am working on a product roadmap... Can I just say I'm out of my element?

And that is awesome. To me, this is what Factory Week is all about. Trying new things. Stretching. I've led or participated in strategic planning for organizations, services, events and marketing initiatives of all stripes. But for a product? Nope, never. First timer.

roadmap for SmallBox project during Factory Week

So far, I've found this roadmap from gov.uk to be off-the-charts helpful. I'm mocking up our own much less robust version of their wall. Seriously, if you didn't check out that link, do it! That wall is serious planning candy for organized, communicative types.

Any other resources or advice for a rookie product marketer? What might I not think of that will haunt me later? Please do tell!