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June 29, 2012
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Office Refresh

June 29, 2012

Changes are afoot at the SmallBox office! With everyone working at the Speak Easy this week, Emily and I - and of course, the helpful Ramona - are taking the opportunity to change, update, and maintain a few things around the office. Why? The team will be looking to start fresh next week, and we're trying to prepare the office to accomodate that. 

You might be wondering what kind of changes I'm talking about, so here's what you can expect:

  • Cleanliness! Does anyone ever clean around here?
  • Fresh paint! And not just in the new room.
  • An awesomely re-decorated rooftop porch.
  • Some organization. The teams are re-organizing, so why not the office, too?
  • A little (literally) fun addition that we're choosing to keep quiet about and let people find on their own. 

Keep your eyes peeled!