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June 29, 2012
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Musical Family Tree at Factory Week

June 29, 2012

Factory Week is an important time for Musical Family Tree, because we get to focus more on “behind the scenes” projects that we’re developing. This time around, we focused on finalizing our website redesign with Jack Shepler. Without giving away too many secrets about what Jack is working on, I will say that it looks awesome and will change the entire dynamic of MFT as a website - probably even as an organization.

Here’s a sneak peek to give you a tiny taste of how the look and functionality of the site will be changing…

You may notice some new logo components in that photo, and we are excited to start unrolling the new logo designs that MFT will be integrating in coming months. We started the new logo process shortly after last Factory Week by asking Aaron Scamihorn, a respected local designer and artist, to help us develop some ideas for a logo update. Aaron tossed us a few preliminary designs, which we took to the MFT community for comments and opinions. We compiled all the feedback and had Aaron integrate some suggestions for round two. 

Now we’re proud to announce that Aaron’s logos are even better than we could have imagined, and we hope MFT users will be pleased (or at least not angry, but hey, you can’t please everybody!). There will be several variations of the logo, each of which will serve a different purpose, but here’s an example that demonstrates some of the new design elements Aaron created…

In addition to website redesign, logo integration, and site development, MFT director Jon Rogers designed and organized new sponsorship products for partnering organizations and businesses. As a nonprofit dedicated to spreading Indiana music and helping to cultivate a sustainable local music scene, MFT will depend heavily on community involvement, sponsorships, and partnerships with other organizations. Go here to learn more about becoming a sponsor for MFT.

So what’s next for MFT after Factory Week? Final mastering for our first vinyl release (“Nine Different Kinds of Gone: A Tribute To Kenny Childers"), an awesome cultural event we’re curating music for on Saturday, “EP in a Weekend” episode 2, a day-long "new music showcase" in early October, and even more greatness we aren’t quite ready to reveal at this point. It’s been a productive week, and we’re extremely excited about what’s coming for MFT in the second half of 2012!