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Teresa Tatum
August 21, 2014
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Mini-Digi Detox

August 21, 2014

So, the title of this post doesn't really mix with the whole blogging thing, but bear with me.

We work on our computers so much that when given the chance to do anything analog, we take it! Here are some examples of how we've been embracing an analog lifestyle during this Factory Week session. 

SmallBox Playbook

SmallBox playbook.Sarah Herbert.

Sarah cheated a little bit, but she's been doing tons of sketching and designing for the new SmallBox Playbook (our employee handbook, essentially).

Our Services

SmallBox services.

Jenny and I are leading the website team. We're looking to revamp a few pages on our site, and are adding a completely new one--our services! After categorizing all the many things we do into five buckets, we came up with descriptions.

Rather than sharing them in a Google doc, Jenny decided to handwrite them (phenomenal calligraphy skills, that one). We invited team members to check them out, and they left feedback on stickies.  

Headline Brainstorm

Spirit animals mandatory.

Sara, Drew and their team have been focused on building up our internal communication tool--they've been namestorming and collaborating around messaging like crazy. I love the evolution of this particular headline.

Think I'm due for an analog break!