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Sara McGuyer
August 02, 2016
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Less is More

August 02, 2016

Deciding how much ground to cover during a Factory Week is always a tricky question. We've explored all different models, and this edition will be no exception... 

We started with a commitment to a "less is more" approach. What could a Factory Week planned with intention, space for play, and the mental focus of just a very few shared projects look like? We landed on a mix of shared projects, which we'll facilitate as "Factory Days," just as would for one of our clients.

We're looking at this Factory Week as a critical time to gel with our new direction. This means our projects are aligned with our changes. Here's what we have planned:

Screenshot of SmallBox Factory Week schedule

  1. Given the changes we've made, we're taking this opportunity to revisit our mission and some of our core language. We're working differently, our scope has broadened... and so our mission may need tweaking also. We'll then look at strategies and goals that can help us work toward that mission.
  2. Any updates to our mission will reverberate out to our brand. We're devoting a whole day to build shared language, tell stories, and create ways to bring our new approach to life for others. 
  3. We're big fans of frameworks to help our team better understand one another. We've done Myers-Briggs and Strengthsfinder in the past as one way to understand and leverage our different styles. We're bringing in Flashpoint to facilitate DiSC to see how that might be different. 
  4. Despite our vast love for for some of our legacy institutions like 24 Hour Web Project, we had to let them go to make space for a new kind of community service. What should that look like? We don't know yet! During FW, we'll design a community project from the ground up. 
  5. "Start the engine of play" is one of our core objectives as a business. For us, this means desgning playful exepreinces into our normal rhythm – both for ourselves and for our clients. We've started having a weekly Field Day to make sure we have space for play. Even still, it's hard. Why so serious, SmallBox? We're doing a downtown scavenger hunt early in the week, then all of Friday is dedicated for forest bathing and Factory Week games. May the best lad or lass win.

We kick off next Monday, August 8, 2016!