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Sara McGuyer
January 27, 2014
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Jeremy and Tribal Leadership

January 27, 2014

With our clients, we frequently play the role of facilitator, bringing outside perspective. We understood that for this Factory Week, as we placed or focus toward vision and what SmallBox looks like in 2024, we needed someone to play that role for us. Aside from having outside perspective, bringing in an outside facilitator allows us all to be full participants in the conversation.

Jeremy Houchens introduced us to Tribal Leadership about a year ago, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring him in. In day one, he led us through Mountains and Valleys to talk about our origin story and various high and low points in our history. He pulled out words that we repeated as we talked. Common themes and words began to point to what's important to us. It was interesting to see him work, and to notice the parallels between his and our own process. We use similar language techniques for our North Star exercise.

We also broke into triads to dig into our personal values, which I think will be a good base for our focus on professional development and career paths (a key focus for quarter one 2014).

Jeremy Houchens