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Elizabeth Heil
February 06, 2015
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If there is a problem, yo we'll solve it...

February 06, 2015

All right stop, collaborate and listen. To your team, that is. Many members of the SmallBox team have been hinting for the past several months that they would like us to consider moving to the new Basecamp. We are currently using Basecamp Classic. Andrew stepped up like a lyrical poet to take on the task of researching all the details to understand what this process would entail, how it would be different than what we are currently using, etc. It was important that we were intentional about why we wanted to do this, as well as crystal clear about what problems it would be solving, or improvements it would make to our work process. We do our best to avoid changes exclusively driven by the draw of shiny new software. 

Andrew read through several articles that detailed the features and benefits of the new Basecamp, as well as digging up information about the difference in features, the cost and the necessary steps to make the transfer. From there he detailed a recommended plan for implementation, as well as a list of questions we needed to answer before making the move. He also tasked a couple other team members with designating active vs. inactive projects from our current project list. He and I worked together to make an executive decision to do a trial run first with internal SmallBox projects, along with one client project, just to get us familiar with using the new format.

To put a bow on the project, Andrew took the plunge and upgraded our internal projects to the new Basecamp. We'll be giving it a test drive for the rest of February and then making a decision about moving the rest of our client projects over in March. We'd love to hear from you if you have any tips or tricks to getting the most out of the new Basecamp, so feel free to comment below.

Word to your mother!

(And in the spirit of Flashback Friday, check out this gem of a music video from one of my faves, Vanilla Ice himself.)