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Sara McGuyer
August 08, 2016
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Host with the Most

August 08, 2016

We're so excited to be in the new downtown Speak Easy space for our 11th edition of Factory Week. They have been such gracious hosts for us multiple times. 

It's a bit of a FW tradition to circle back to the Speak Easy. We were the first to test out the SoBro location for our Factory Week in the Winter of 2012, and we've been back to that location three times. Counting this FW, that makes 5 stops at a Speak Easy.

The downtown location is pretty wide open for now. There may not be a lot of furniture (yet), but we have plenty of desks, the lovely backdrop of downtown, and some of the best lighting you can get inside. 

Sarah couldn't help but snapchat this vintage mailbox:

Sarah Herbert snapchatting a vintage mail box.

I mean, look at the light hitting that brick wall. It's really something. Drew had to put on his shades :)

Drew DeBoy in the downtown Speak Easy, Indianapolis