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Mark Shreve
March 20, 2017
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Helping Exodus, Helping Refugees

March 20, 2017

Historically, Factory Week has allowed us to put a pause on the pace of agency life to focus on internal projects. The majority of our year is dedicated to our client work, but we carve out two weeks semi-annually to focus on team initiatives and sprint on projects.

In the past we’ve redesigned our website and brand collateral, invested in training for the team, and worked to improve our processes.

This year, we unanimously agreed that we could better ourselves and our team by giving this time and energy back to others. Starting Monday, March 20nd, this year’s Factory Week is devoted to Exodus Refugee Immigration. The week’s “Sprint For Good” will apply our team's (and partners') talents to their greatest organizational needs. We hope to emerge Friday with a revised custom website, marketing collateral and visual assets, and content to better connect with their audiences.  We’ll also be training their team to better utilize these tools to be more efficient and effective.

Though Exodus serves thousands of resettled Hoosiers, we hope to connect them with another audience – members of our community looking for productive ways to help those directly impacted by national policies. By improving the connection between Exodus and our larger community, we hope to bolster and energize Exodus’ efforts during a time when immigrants and the organizations who serve them are in great need of support.

Here’s how you can be part of it:

  • Donate. The greatest need for Exodus is operating funds. Each resettled Hoosier carries a cost of nearly $3000 with approx 15% of those funds coming from individual contributions. In response to government cuts, we need to find more individual contributions! Please visit the Exodus website to donate and enter “Sprint for Good” in the comment box.
  • Share. Refugees are a mix of individuals and families, but as they start their lives anew, they need school supplies, diapers and wipes, clothing, dictionaries and books, IndyGo bus passes, and gift cards to retailers. Contact us to pick up your items or drop them at SmallBox (6219 Guilford Avenue).
  • Collaborate. We all have talents to share. How do you see yourself taking an active role to support this community group?
  • Learn. These refugees have found their way to Indiana to start a new life. This is now their home. Let’s test that “Hoosier hospitality” by welcoming them.
  • Follow. Follow our progress during Factory Week @factoryweek and continue to follow the work of Exodus @Exodus_Refugee.