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Jenny Anderson
March 23, 2017
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Google Grants & Keyword Research

March 23, 2017

The team received some very exciting news Tuesday as our Google Grant application was approved! This means that Exodus will have $10,000 a month of in-kind advertising dollars to spend in Adwords – not too shabby!


In preparation for launching the new site, and also building the newly granted Adwords campaigns, I have been digging into keyword data and thought I’d share a few highlights.

Key Takeaways

  • People care and want to know how to help – the top 10 keywords for this keyword silo generated nearly 30,000 searches a month with terms like [how can I help refugees], [help Syrian refugees], and [refugee action]. That’s not including terms that are specific to donation, which we separated into its own keyword silo.
  • In stark contrast, opposition terms like [ban refugees] trigger a measly 300 searches a month. Search data suggest the overwhelming majority are much more interested in helping!
  • People are curious and what to know more – more than 40,000 people search for the exact-match term [refugee definition] each month. 90,500 people search for [Syrian refugees] and another 40,500 search for [migrant crisis]. Other searches include specific inquires into facts and figures and information on life in a refugee camp.

We'll use information like this to help inform content on the website and the keywords to target in our ad plan.

Digging into numbers and spreadsheets all day can make your eyes hurt, but working on it next to a puppy often helps.