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June 27, 2012
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Finding Purpose

June 27, 2012

Yesterday we closed out the day with an awesome session with Jeb's business coach CJ. We worked through exercises to help us create our own personal mission or purpose statement and discussed habits that help in achieving goals.

One of the key exercises was thinking through what you want people to say about you during your eulogy. Pretty heavy and intense thought and conversations to have in a group setting. Delving into that weighty of an issue helps cut through to what really matters - a perfect set up to writing a purpose statement.

CJ also coached us through determining our priorities with a 5 level point system and other habits to help us set and achieve goals.

One CJ quote:

"Remove TRY from your vocabulary. It's a deadly word. Either do something or don't do something."

How many times has someone asked you to help with something, and instead of saying no when you know you can't really commit, you say, "I'll try." Do or don't do.

In just a couple of short hours, the team walked away with long term personal and professional goals and drafts of our purpose statements. I'm glad we included this time for discovery and reflection amidst our other projects.

Do tell: do you have a personal mission statement?