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Jenny Anderson
August 01, 2013
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Factory Week or Finals Week?

August 01, 2013

As a newbie to Factory Week, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I had followed along a bit as an outsider in past years and heard plenty of stories from past participants, but the mystery of this legendary institution has finally been unveiled and whew, I feel like I am back in college again.

One of my tasks for this week was to get my Google Certifications in place. Having recently expired, Factory Week provided a great opportunity to study up a bit and reclaim those honorary Certification Badges.

Yesterday, I tackled two of the Adwords Certifications (Fundamentals and Search Advance), and today, I will start preparing for the Analytics Exam. 3 tests, 1 week. Throw in a couple of other projects including SEO audits, wireframing exercises, and updating our reporting templates, and it’s like my Freshman year all over again. It’s been a juggling act full of long hours, crammed sessions and the thrill of accomplishment when things are crossed off the list.

And just like college, when all is said and done, I’m sure we’ll all throw back a few beverages in celebration of an insanely productive, chaotic week.