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Sara McGuyer
August 08, 2016
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Downtown Exploration

August 08, 2016

For our first morning of this edition of Factory Week, we had some free time for walking and exploring downtown. It's energizing and exciting to spend a week in a new place, especially with all of the growth and changes happening downtown right now. 

The blue sky and brilliant sunshine played nicely with the reflective panels of the new Cummins building in progress. It's really a stunner. The proposed green space will be transformational. 

We walked some old haunts too. Looking good, Indy. Looking good.

Cummins tour


SmallBoxers exploring downtown Indy - Cummins building

Contemplating the new cityscape in progress, downtown Indy.

Indy Monument Circle

Sam Biber and a little library near City Market in Indy