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Sara McGuyer
August 11, 2015
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Down to the wire...

August 11, 2015

A couple of years ago, we built a sales tool into our CMS. It's basically a proposal creator, featuring seamless integration with all of the content living on our website – case studies, blogs, team profiles. Since then, we've created similar tools for clients... and made many of them better with each iteration. Every single time we (or our clients!) think up new uses, features and ideas. We haven't touched our own version since the beginning, so this Factory Week is the perfect time for a refresh. 

Today we had a quick and dirty session to map out what kind of content should live where, and what new features we might add. Nothing like a little wireframing sprint to get our creative juices flowing. You might even say we put on our best face forward for 'framing...

Leigh Marino

I love that Leigh's instant reaction to the camera was this silly face – mid-wireframing and all! Dan's version of the wireframe had a Venn diagram! Oh man. I do love a good Venn...

Dan Fahrner

Colin is a developer at SmallBox, but not so much in this case. At the start of this sprint he said:

I try to forget about being a developer while I'm wireframing. That way I don't focus on whether something may or may not be possible. I prefer to operate as if anything is possible, and I'll figure out a way to build it later.

Yes! If you sketch it, it can be built. Gotta love that approach.

Colin Ulin

(Vanna would approve of those display moves as well. Pretty sure.)