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Dan Fahrner
March 22, 2017
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Donor Journey Mapping

March 22, 2017

We began this week focusing on goals and audiences, and quickly realized that we have a huge opportunity to capitalize on the opportunity that has been created by the recent executive immigration order. A political spotlight is now shining on Exodus, which has brought so much attention and interest from new volunteers, donors and media that they can’t keep up!

On Tuesday afternoon we mapped the donor journey to identify pain points and areas of focus to ramp up donations in the short and long term. This is crucial to the organization’s survival because with the executive order going into effect in February, it reduced their operating budget by 40%! Not only that, but it punched a hole in their federal funding for four months, and they still have 1,000 families that are currently being served and in need of help assimilating.

We began the process by putting ourselves in the shoes of the donor and identifying ways they become aware, engage and donate to Exodus. The most important part of this activity is keeping the donor “hat” on to make sure that we’re exploring this process from their vantage point.

Donor Journey Mapping

Once we identified various donor actions, we also focused on what they were thinking at feeling at that time. This places an emphasis on empathy, and ensuring that whatever message, content, presentation or technology is used supports the individual’s goal.

A few example thoughts and feelings that stood out were:

  • “I’m angry at the current political state.”
  • “I feel emotionally compelled to get involved.”
  • “I want to bring this cause to my employer to create a bigger impact.”


Donor Journey Map Sticker Dotting

Once all of the actions and sentiments were documented along the donor's journey, we then identified pain points that may prevent them from reaching their goal using dot stickers. These could include an outdated website, key messaging about the executive order on immigration, and even lack of volunteer coordination.

These are opportunities we’ll be focusing on as we continue to produce the new Exodus website and augment their existing brand assets with fresh key messages for their staff this week.