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January 28, 2013
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Divide and Conquer

January 28, 2013

This morning we had our first divide and conquer. It's become our habit to whiteboard our project list at the start of each Factory Week. Kasey and Abby got us all set up:

Each project has a lead, a mini-team and a vision established. I think I've said this at the start of each Factory Week, but MAN. We have or work cut out for us this go 'round.

Our over-arching focus is our own website and branding. But, we couldn't resist a variety of projects. We're building a collaborative toolkit, conducting a talent audit and designing our first ever Boxee Awards, an internal honor we'll use to celebrate the awesome work of individual 'Boxers. There are more - expect a full list soon.

Here's the team, gathering, planning out how to tackle this mega-project list:

Right now, the Speak Easy is a quiet hush, the sound of brains working, the whispers of quick decision-making. No time to waste. Is it really almost lunch time of day one?