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Sara McGuyer
August 08, 2016
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DiSC Is It

August 08, 2016

Jenny Banner of Flashpoint prepping for DiSC with SmallBox

The main event for day one of Factory Week was DiSC facilitation by Jenny Banner of Flashpoint. We've done Strengthsfinder, which helps you understand your best skills, and Myers-Briggs, which explains your inherent wiring and personality. DiSC focuses more on the work self, including how you prefer to communicate and delegate. Tools like this that help us understand how to better collaborate with one another, and DiSC is particularly easy to apply to day-to-day work dynamics. 

Abby Schoonveld getting ready for DiSC facilitation

So what did we learn?
Just like our Myers-Briggs results, we're all over the map. We have very diverse preferences, which means no one-size-fits-all approach will work. Even as a small company, it's important to understand and honor different styles. Jenny also taught some practical noticing skills for how to detect different types based on the way people speak and use body language. The idea is that if we become more adept at noticing one another's preferences, we'll be better equipped to modify our own approach and improve collaboration.

Part of the process is pairing up with an ongoing accountability partner with an opposite profile. This ongoing support will help us gain empathy for what drives our teammates, further understanding of how our own communication style is perceived by others – and ultimately how we impact people through our approach.

Have you taken DiSC or similar tests? What did you learn from the process?