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Sara McGuyer
August 01, 2013
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Design Huddle

August 01, 2013

When we set out to revamp our work pages, we might have gotten a little ambitious (we tend to do this to ourselves!). We've had myself, Daniel, Jon, Tyler, Drew, Jenny and Teresa all planning, writing or otherwise helping to gather content for these pages. Meanwhile, Leigh and Sarah have designs in progress for the first two. Our goal is to have content and designs for 5 work pages in this new format ready to roll by end of day Friday.

SmallBox Design Huddle

Today we had a quick huddle to compare the two designs in progress and make final decisions on what areas should follow a convention, and where to let each work page be unique. The projects and clients themselves are all so different and custom, we wanted these pages to reflect some of their individuality. We'll likely need a couple of weeks for development and testing on these bad boys post-Factory Week. Look for them in a couple of weeks, or sooner if things go very smooth and quick-like.

Side by side design huddle at SmallBox