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Teresa Tatum
August 02, 2013
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August 02, 2013

As one of SmallBox's two content producers, I do take a little pride in the scrap of HTML knowledge that I acquired from my high school's web design curriculum. Jordan’s development world, however, is a galaxy away. I picked his brain a little to give you all a peek of what he’s been working on during this very productive Factory Week.

Jordan Wilson developing away.
His first response when I asked what he was up to: "Nothing really." That guy - what a joker! 

Essentially, Jordan's task this week is simply to make it easier for he and Joe to work together! That means learning and running with some new software here (Monday was dedicated to solely this), and tweaking the CMS there.

Jordan's own whiteboard section.
Jordan had his own dedicated space on the Factory Week whiteboards.

I think I’d be making a true statement if I said that Jordan’s work this week is correlated to SmallBox’s growth. As the company continues to grow, taking on more clients and building more websites, it’s critical to streamline and simplify our processes.

Jordan made a great point when he explained to me that at larger companies, all (or most) development methods are very structured – making it possible for virtually any team member to jump in on a project for updates or repairs when needed, instead of having one assigned developer. The SmallBox way has been a bit ad hoc in the recent past, as our developer number is low.

So while the preprocessing, deployment and development writing guidelines won't affect my tasks of writing for or populating content in the CMS, I can confidently say that they are for the greater good!