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Tyler Bender
August 01, 2013
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Coming Into Factory Week Mid-Week

August 01, 2013

About 6 weeks ago when we announced the dates of Factory Week this summer, I had a lump in my throat. Factory Weeks are two of my favorite weeks at work. And I was going to miss most of it. 

I was out of the country through Tuesday of this week and have been jet-lagged all week. I didn't want to miss the activity of this week! But there wasn't much I could do about it. I was scheduled to be out of the office until today (Thursday).  

Fresh off the plane Tuesday, I came to work. In most work environments and offices that would sound utterly insane. But I truly love working here and really couldn't wait to be back. Especially during Factory Week. With my tired eyes, I only stayed in the office for about 30 minutes, just saying hi to everyone and seeing what projects were being worked on. 

Tyler fresh off the plane.
Sara snapped this photo as proof of my first stop off the plane.


I officially returned to work yesterday (a day earlier than planned). I was worried that I'd get here and projects would be so far down the line that my contribution would be minimal. I was nervous that I had missed most of the planning with being out of the country that it'd take me a day or two to even ramp up to contribute. 

Within 10 minutes of being here I was back into the swing of things. One great thing about SmallBox is that the collaboration is not only addictive, but it's kind of mandatory! This team wasn't going to let me come into work and not collaborate with them to get things done. I really appreciated being thrown back into the fold. 

I've been mostly working on the website projects, helping people complete our Work section and writing some case studies. 

Whether you start Factory Week on Monday morning at 9:00am or you come in mid-week, if your culture and team are healthy enough to help you not miss a beat, Factory Week can be valuable for anyone. I feel like I've been here all week! That might just be the jet-lag talking though.