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Dan Fahrner
August 13, 2015
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Client Xperience

August 13, 2015

One of the things that I've always appreciated about SmallBox is our dedication to our clients... to the point where we created a role focused exclusively on our clients: Client Service Director (that's me!).

When talk of internal projects for Factory Week started popping up, I jumped at the chance to bring fresh ideas to the table on behalf of our clients and they way they work with our team. At the beginning of the week, we kicked off a 3 pronged project to up our client experience game:

  1. Reimagine Onramping for New Clients
  2. Reimagine our Digital Presentation Tool
  3. Designing a New Presentation

Here's what each of these are all about:

Reimagine Onramping for New Clients

Dawn will be going into detail on this process in a separate post, but the gist is this: we love our clients. Straight up. In order to help ensure they feel the love from our entire team and are fully prepared to dive into a heavy strategy or marketing project we're building out a stronger onramp communications process. Again, more detail on this very soon!

Reimagine our Digital Presentation Tool

2 years ago Jeb spearheaded a new tool to be built into our CMS to create custom, personalized landing pages for prospective clients. We called it the "Digital Leave Behind".

The goal was to show these clients a peak behind the curtain and we've gotten some fantastic feedback since it launched. In fact, we've built it into several client websites including United Way of Central Indiana, Lewellyn Technology and Performance Services.

This year, we've reimagined the tool from the ground up to provide a more intuitive experience. Here's a shot of Leigh walking us through the wireframe below and here's a more in-depth look at the collaborative wireframing process.


Designing a New Presentation

As part of the project above, we decided to combine the Digital Leave Behind and a concept for in-person presentations into the same tool. Woah! Synergy! At the same time, we feel the need to up our print presentation game for prospective clients considering SmallBox, which will probably look something like this:

Sales Presentation