Winter 2016
Edition X

Curiosity Camp 

This Factory Week was special for several reasons – primarily that it was our tenth edition! Like most Factory Weeks before, we've decided to try something new. What can we say, we can't help but play with the model! We focused on some strategic planning on Monday, then devoted three full days to training with Cooper. On Friday, we piloted Field Day. Factory Week no. 10 took place Feb 29 – March 4, 2016.

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February 29, 2016

People talk about "good fit" in regards to new hires and cultural things. I think it's also very relevant for finding the best client partners...

Nick presenting a board game prototype

February 18, 2016

Our power play isn't what you might think. It doesn't involve smart pants suits or tricky negotiation skills. Our big bet is on the power of play. Starting with this Factory Week, we're kicking off what we're calling Analog Fridays, or Play Days...

Play Day at SmallBox