Winter 2015
Edition VIII

Leveling Up

We don't always choose a specific theme for Factory Week, but as we planned for our eighth edition, it became clear that what we wanted to do was level up. We returned to the Speak Easy to tackle everything from upgrading our version of Basecamp, to writing some case studies. The action unfolded Feb 2-6, 2015.

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February 02, 2015

We've been living culture-powered marketing for ourselves for a couple of years, and integrating pieces of this philosophy into how we approach client work. It's shaped our world view, and at the same time, drawn people in. Now, we're ready to take this concept next-level. Read more

Dan Fahrner whiteboarding about culture-powered marketing

February 02, 2015

A SWOT analysis is a great framework to explore the good, the bad and potential of what could be. Read more

SmallBox team voting on SWOT ideas

February 02, 2015

This morning we kicked off the collaboration deck project to document the exercises we've created for client kick offs and other meeting experiences. One of our first to-dos: review some examples from out in the wild. Here are three great resources we looked to for inspiration... Read more

Reviewing collaborative resources


February 02, 2015

Upping our creative game is a big focus for 2015 (something along those lines is a contender for our new rally cry, which we'll choose later this week). One path toward that: improving the giving and receiving of feedback. Read more

resources for feedback

February 02, 2015

Finding the right agency partner can be tricky. Starting with the basic question of when to hire internally vs finding that external agency. We thought it might be helpful to build a "primer" to help organizations navigate all the choices and find the right partner. Read more

February 02, 2015

One of our Factory Week projects is to revise one case study and write a few new ones... Read more

Client testimonial

January 16, 2015

We love a good sticky note planning session... and we were happy to have one to plan out our Factory Week projects. Read more

Sticky note session