Summer 2013
Edition V

Five alive!

For our fifth installment, July 29 through August 2, 2013, we kicked off with more than 30 projects lined up. Some small, some large. Some included refining our sales process, making a few website updates and building a brand guidelines book.

This is the first Factory Week we conducted in our own space. Having a relatively new building with a wide open basement space for collaboration, it felt right to give Factory Week in our own space a whirl. 

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August 06, 2013

Braintwins unleashes a masterpiece into the world. Nice!

August 02, 2013

Nice Grants took to the Monon Thursday afternoon to get nice with shaved ice.

Shaved Ice at Sno Zone

August 02, 2013

It's the last day of Factory Week! Do something nice and donate between now and August 6 to help Growing Places Indy spread their mission of cultivating the culture of urban agriculture and healthy lifestyles.

August 02, 2013

Think Kit is getting a little love by way of email design from Nick Klooz.

Nick Klooz

August 02, 2013

For Factory Week, we decided to test having a pup in the office!

August 02, 2013

And I don't mean the rap-metal band that gave us "Butterfly." No - I'm talking CMS preprocessing and deployment with Jordan Wilson. 

Jordan, development extraordinaire.

August 02, 2013

We're big believers in celebrating hard work. Every Factory Week ends with a party. This will be no exception.


August 02, 2013

The team took an hour each day of Factory Week to re-evaluate our North Star - that is, the purpose, mission and vision of the company.  

August 02, 2013

My new favorite phrase is "diminishing returns." I'm seeing the effects of overthinking and overdoing everywhere around me. We (mostly I) tend to put way too much thought and energy into making the "perfect decision" or finding "the perfect answer." Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.


August 02, 2013

A great culture markets itself and tells its own stories too.

Joe Downey gets down to work.
August 01, 2013

SmallBox and Nice Grants took over Upland on Wednesday night.

Upland Brewing Co.

August 01, 2013

Join SmallBox at the Sno Zone stand on the corner of Winthrop and Westfield in Broad Ripple Village between 3 and 4 pm today for a snow cone, on us! It will be really... cool.