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Sara McGuyer
February 07, 2015
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Breaking During Factory Week

February 07, 2015

Pro tip: If you embark on some sort of sprint, don't forget about the breaks. We see Factory Week as a means to recharge our creative wellspring. Without breaks, this week could be overwhelming and exhausting – the exact opposite of what we want it to be.

Break types, as demonstrated by 'Boxers:

1) Lunch: Sushi is a 'Boxer favorite. This was our lunch on Friday. We sometimes have team-wide discussions during lunch, but we generally avoid just working through lunch on our projects.
2) Coffee: Heading off in a small group to grab coffee is a good time to either reflect on a project in process, or to give your brain a break and think about other things. Also: caffeine.
3) Walk: A good chance to get the blood moving after lots of sitting. We were happy to be by the Monon Trail for easy walk breaks.
4) Celebration: We always end FW with a party. Always. It's important to let loose and celebrate the hard fought wins of the week. In the winter, we take over the tiny town of Story for an overnighter. We rent out all of the cabins, have a big dinner, followed by whatever happens in the basement bar (this year we got into some pretty amazing karaoke). We celebrate not only Factory Week, but the past year.

Sushi Lunch

Coffee break at Locally Grown Gardens