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Sara McGuyer
August 13, 2015
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Asking for Feedback

August 13, 2015

One incredible joy of the week has been chatting with a few clients to get feedback about perceptions of our brand, website and the overall client experience. Lydia and I have conducted interviews throughout the week, with the help of Sarah Herbert and Teresa Tatum.

We're asking all kinds of questions – from how they've used our website to what five words they most associate with our brand. We were first and foremost seeking critical feedback – the kind we can act on to improve. It's not that I was expecting only criticism by any means, but I was completely surprised and delighted by some of the praise we got. We uncovered unexpected answers and stories that have been so insightful. It's pretty fun to go back to a coworker after an interview and say, "Hey, you got the biggest kudos from our client..."

If asking your clients or customers for feedback hasn't been part of your normal rhythm, I highly recommend it. The critical stuff can be hard to hear, but it's a gift that helps you improve. And then, you never know what else you might hear... a few kinds words can go a long way on a bad or challenging day.

I just might save a few of the notes we've mapped out with feedback nuggets we heard this week, like this one:

Client feedback