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Teresa Tatum
August 01, 2013
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Almost to the Finish Line

August 01, 2013

The long, busy Factory Week haze has possibly befallen a handful of 'Boxers - but the haze will not obstruct our view of the finish line! 

Of the 35 projects we started with:

  • 4 are complete! (or are as far along as they can be at this point)
  • 6 have been nixed or postponed 
  • 1 has been outsourced (painting - to Brain Twins)
  • 1 is on-going (blogging and promotion)
  • 13 are at or beyond 50% complete 
  • 10 are very close to 50% (or not)


Neil Record Geekin'
Here's Neil working on Record Geeks - it's at 40% completion.

Interview with Jeb Banner.
Mayowa's video project is at 65%.

There is still much to be done, but with a nice lunch from Naked Tchopstix our tanks are refueled.