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Kasey Bradley
August 06, 2013
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A Braintwins Masterpiece Unveiled

August 06, 2013

Last Monday Team Nice Grants and SmallBox partnered up with local artistic consultants Braintwins to offer a portrait to whoever had the best response to the following question: Who inspires you? Who is the person from business, history, pop culture, or fiction that you consider your Braintwin?

We were wowed with the responses we received, but our favorite came from Zachary Eve, A.K.A. local experimental musician Chicago Bulls Hat.

"Don Van Vliet inspires me," Zachary said. "He's a true original who worked hard and long for what he believed in. His paintings and music go on to amaze me. I'm also inspired by Artist Brion Gysin. His fast forward thinking and free an easy lifestyle really turn me on."

Thanks for your response Zachary! I mean, Captain Beefheart and the guy who discovered the cut-up technique? Wow.

Here is what Zachary provided us...

...and here is what Braintwins worked up. Enjoy!

That's nice.

<3 - Team Nice Grants